Provide high end, sustainable and secure

infrastructure for EOS block production

Location Norway



not only for us, but also for our children
nature provides for an abundance of hydro power generation within 50 km

Data centre

Located below sea level, in Lefdal mine
Tier 3, safe and secure

Tech specs

We are currently using our own bare-metal servers for the test net and are doing drills with iNNOVO Cloud in a tier 3 data centre in Frankfurt, Germany. This is where we will start block production. As soon as Lefdal Mine is ready in Q3, we will move the cloud services to Norway.

The infrastructure is based on OpenStack, with OpenStack VMs and SDN.

Internett connection: 4 x independent 10 Gbps links.

Scaling plan

Our infrastructure at iNNOVO Cloud is scalable according to demand. However, in order to provide the best platform with regard to scalability, stability, redundancy and sustainability we will
at launch – install more of our own bare-metal servers at a location close to Oslo, Norway;
in Q3 – move to Lefdal Mine, Norway. This is a brand new tier 3 data centre with a CO2-neutral energy supply and an innovative water cooling system. It is also one of the most secure data centres in Europe.

Grow the community

Currently EOS Vikings are working on 2 projects

the programming of the EOS community voting portal
the creation of an EOS DevDac with the mission to attract the best Nordic programmer minds to EOS



Q4 2018 – sign teaching / presentation agreements with major Norwegian universities
Q1 2019 – expand the Norwegian approach to Scandinavia: Cooperate with EOS Sweden, start EOS Finland and Denmark
Q4 2019 – more than 50 % of Scandinavian IT students know about the capabilities of EOS
Q2 2019 – start work on the EOS Viking Academy to provide courses on EOS for students and other people


Q4 2018 – present EOS to businesses and financial institutions in Scandinavia


Q2 2019 – initiate research projects to identify critical factors for dApp-adoption, share that knowledge with the community


Q4 2018 – be a resource for dApp-developpers who want to build on EOS

Promote value-based self-governance

Norway has a

track record of administrating public goods (fisheries, oil) in the best interest of the people
culture of clean government and integrity

We want to bring this culture to the EOS community through

our decisions and actions, guided by our values: transparency and cooperation
being a role model for transparency: publish clear goals, audited financial accounts and ownership
staying independent, i.e. not associating with financial investors or other business interests