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Do you like what we stand for?

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EOS Vikings want to contribute

to building a global, self-governing

and value based community

EOSIO is a groundbreaking technological platform that opens the door to a world of new possibilities. There will be many new applications and business opportunities.

However, what really captures our imagination, is the historic attempt to create a global, self-governing and value based community.

Self-governing – a common ruleset (constitution); the rule of law instead of code (arbitration), direct voting.

Alignment of interests – between wealth creators and wealth administrators, incentivising desired behaviour through immutable records.

Cooperation – social systems thrive through cooperation, they disintegrate through fear, ego and believes.

Transparency – the foundation of trust and cooperation.

EOS Vikings want to contribute to make this vision come true.


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EOS Vikings have a threefold mission

to help make this vision come true
Provide high end, secure

and sustainable infrastructure

for EOS block production

Help grow the EOS community

Promote value-based self-governance

Our values

guide our decisions and interactions with others


EOS Vikings

will publish audited financial accounts, showing the use of funds and ownership

will publish clear, measurable criteria for achieving its mission

has no third party / financial investors



It’s all about We, not Me

Choose abundance over scarcity, i.e. cooperation over competition

Choose being kind over being right and you are right every time

Statutes - non-profit

As elected block producer, EOS Vikings is funded by the EOS community for two purposes
providing high quality block production at a competitive price
promoting the adoption of EOS through education and information
EOS Vikings therefore have an obligation to use these funds exclusively to create value for the community, i.e.
not use any funds for other business or financial interests
not pay dividends to voters or owners
run EOS Vikings as a non-profit

Meet the crew

competent people – to achieve the best result

Anders Oftedal

System administrator

Server operations specialist who has worked more than 7 years with server infrastructure, virtualisation and monitoring. Currently he is managing more than 200 Linux systems for an internet provider.

Anders is an expert when it comes to automating all server tasks.

He has a passion for Linux and open source technology. Now he wants to bring his expertise to the EOS community.

Asgeir Sognefest

Software engineer

Full-stack developer who has been involved with crypto and blockchain since 2013.

He is a firm believer in decentralized technologies and is highly motivated to contribute to projects empowering the EOS community.

Asgeir has a master degree in software engineering from the University of Bergen, Norway.

David Reiersrud

IT / data centre management

David has a broad IT background from +20Y in IT and Telecom. Covering senior management, technology, sales, training, operations, marketing activities, project management and more.

EOS and blockchain interest for long time, believes this is the future.

Eilev Halbjørthus

Software engineer

IT expert with over 25 years of experience in planning, building and running IT systems.

Eilev is a database, integration and web specialist, with a growing interest for blockchain and distributed databases.

He also has a solid understanding of business development and finance. Eilev has a bachelor degree in computer science from USA, and an Master of Business Administration from Australia.

Henning Lauritsen

Data centre specialist

10 years of experience with data centre operations management.

Always seeks to have a high-level overview of the technical environment but at the same time have the technical skills to be able to design, set-up, maintain and improve that environment and communicate with developers and operations specialists.

Currently responsible for the hosting of two data centres of a large e-commerce corporation with 24/7 operation.

Henning is a perfectionist and a doer with a passion to manage a stable and secure data center. Wants to contribute to a high availability for the EOS infrastructure.

Rainer Traub

Strategy / management

Small business owner and EOS enthusiast, especially the historic attempt of trying to build the first global, value based and self governing community.

Rainer has more than 20 years of experience in business/product development, international production and customer relations.

He ensures that EOS Vikings stays on track and that all efforts are focused on achieving our mission and adhering to our values.


Bentsrudsvingen 3, 3083 Holmestrand Norway
+47 400 999 24